Volume 8, Issue 1 Fall 1988

Editor Note; Coweta’s Fading Facts: M. H. Holman, Mrs. E. Marvin Culpepper; Research Center Announcement; Will Book “C” cont. 1885-1911; Coral Moses Hand Bible Record; Heirs-at-law Alexander W. Bingham; Cross of Honor Recipients (Confederate Veterans); Shirley Pitts Steinbeck’s Ancestors; J. W. McSwain; Wesley Cole of Coffee & Ware Counties; John Gorham, Wade S. Dent, Jared E. Stallings; Born in Georgia – Living in Missouri; Research Center Activities; Obituaries: Thomas Bartley Beavers , Mrs. Sam J. Arnold, Mrs. Mary A. Heard, Mrs. H. L. Jones; Obituaries from other Georgia Areas.


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