1850 Coweta County GA Census

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1860 Coweta County GA Census

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1860 Georgia Accelerated Census Index

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1870 Coweta County GA Census

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1880 Coweta County GA Census (3 Vols.)$55.35
1890 Tax Digest of Coweta County GA: A partial 1890 Census Substitute

Mrs. Artie May Jones (Charles Thomas) Storey and Elizabeth Faith (Faye) Storey

1900 Coweta County GA Census (3 Vols.)

Jewel Layfield Kee

1910 Coweta County GA Census (2 Vols.)

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Coweta County GA Distribution of Estates Book 1, 1844-1892 - From Probate Court


Coweta County Georgia Pioneers from the 1827 Land Lottery, 1830 and 1840 Census, Indexed. Softback$20.76
Coweta County, Georgia Newspaper Marriage & Death Notices 1835 - 1887

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Life in Coweta County 1900-1919

Edward W. and Helen T. Wolak
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Long Ancestry by Cora Gresham

Clayton Fayette and Douglas Counties
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Mt. Zion Baptist Church Minutes Avalon, Meriwether County, GA$39.94
Norma's Coweta Chatter, Indexed Vol #1

Norma Gunby

Patients and Staff OF CSA Hospitals, Newnan, Georgia 1863-1864

Helen Camp
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Patients and Staff OF CSA Hospitals, Newnan, Georgia 1863-1864

Helen Camp
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The Trammels of Meriwether & Harris (Counties of Georgia)

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Vanishing Communities, Coweta County

Edward W. and Helen T. Wolak
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Volume 1, Issue 1 Spring 1982

Bible records of John Coggin Meadows, Jeremiah Allen, Lemuel Price Gordon, Susan Georgiana Reynolds; Tax Digest First Record Book 1845.

Volume 1, Issue 2 Summer 1982

(Vol. 2 has only 2 issues.) Early settlers Coweta County; Phillips Family Bible and Family Records; R.W. Veterans Receiving Land Grants in Coweta; Bethel Methodist Church Records; Some Neill Marriages in Coweta; Confederate Soldiers in Oak Hill Cemetery; Bible Records of Henry Cole, Monroe W. Cole, Isaac P. Gay, Warren Bailey.

Volume 10, Issue 1 Fall 1990

Shell Family Info: Descendants of William Shell b. 1740 d. 1801; Mary Wright Shell Bible; Early Residents of Campbell Co., GA; General Index to Estates, Coweta Co., GA 1827-1860, Abner – Barnett; picture of Wm Clopton and Sarah Bird Carnes.

Volume 10, Issue 2 Winter 1990

Allen Gay Descendants; William Brock Family Sheet (b.c 1786 NC); Old Campbell Early Residents; General Index to Estates, cont., Barnes-Brady; Newnan City Tax Digest 1908, A-J; 1903-1904 Turin High School Pupils.

Volume 10, Issue 3 Spring 1991

Cochran and Brewster Families of Old Campbell Co., GA; William Henry Harrison Hayes (b.1841) Family Bible Records; Taliaferro Family Info; Ancestors of James F. Jordan; Ancestors of Alice Criswell; More gay Descendants; Isaac P. Gay Bible Records; Corrections to Gay info Published in Vol. 10 Issue 2; General Index to Estates, cont. Bridges – Burney; 1908 Newnan City Tax Digest, conclusion

Volume 10, Issue 4 Summer 1991

Old Campbell Co. Residents, 1832 Land Lottery; Pedigree Chart of Sarah Frances Reid Middleton (8 Generations); Family Bible Records of Joel Timothy Walker and Ellen Z. Witcher Lollas Walker; General Index to Estates, cont., Camp-Conner; Index to Volume 10.

Volume 11, Issue 1 Fall 1991

Ancestors of John Christian Martin; Old Campbell Co Residents: Robert Davenport Brown Family and Demoony Family; 1939 Newnan Herald Article about Summers Family of Coweta Co.; List of White School Teachers of Coweta Co. 1915; Pate Family Pedigree Chart (9 Generations); General Index to Estates, cont., Cowden-Edmondson.

Volume 11, Issue 2 Winter 1991

Newnan As I Remember It by Pete Leach; Wellborn Family (begins with Cordial Wellborn b. 1797 GA); Barnes Family, Wm. Cunningham Barnes b 1812, photo; Old Campbell News, Abstracts from Jan 4, Jan 11, & Jan 18, 1901; Pedigree Chart of Bernice Clio Beall; Pedigree Chart of Olin Hiram Brannan; Girls of Newnan 8th Grade in 1919, photo with names; 1939 Memorials to Members of White Oak A. R. P. Church: L. H. Walthall, Nathan H. Young, Eula Young Chesnut, Oliver W. Carmical, Mary W. Crawford, Nancy B. Carson; General Index to Estates, cont., Elder-Gay; Bible Records of William Hopson; Bible Records of Josiah Jackson of Corinth, GA.

Volume 11, Issue 3 Spring 1992

Newnan As I Remember It, part 2; War of 1812 Pensioners of 1883; Tribute of Respect to W. B. Moore; Death of A. J. Stewart Jan 4, 1938; Campbell Co Residents, 1864 Militia Census; Which James Webb is Ours?; Family Bible Records of John Stephen Powell and Anna Thomas Nimmons; Mrs. A. C. Lambert’s Obituary; General Index to Estates, cont., Garrison – Granade; 1888 Map of Newnan City Lots for Sale.

Volume 11, Issue 4 Summer 1992

James Young Info; Speer Family Reunion 1898; Death of Mr. J. J. Farmer 1899; In Memory of …Mrs. Lydia Beavers; Beavers Family Bible Records; Newnan As I Remember It, cont; Death of Mark Smith, 1844; Death of Peter Ragsdale 1843; Campbell Co., GA Residents 1864 Militia Census, cont.; General Index to Estates, cont., Gray-Howell; Index Volume 11.

Volume 12 Issue 4 Summer 1993

Family Statistics as Recorded in Wm. Summers Bible; Will of William Summers; Family Sheet of Francis Price; Family Sheet of Quintus Samuel Price; Families of Old Campbell Co.: Valentine, Burnett, Wm. Dailey, Samuel Eskew, Wm. Green, Jacob Mayfield, Hugh McKown; Some Fourth District Weddings Feb 1894: E. M. Grime – Bessie Wortham, John Kidd – Zipora Jackson, L. Jackson – Mirtie Fincher; The Old Leigh Home; Death of Mrs. Ann Kell 1833; Death of Andrew Brown, Esq. 1834; Obituary of Mrs. Mary North, age 102; Index for Volume 12.

Volume 12, Issue 1 Fall 1992

Family of Pascal Austin Smith; Will of Harrison Smith; Wedding of Miss Ida Whitaker and Mr. O. James Sims 1886; Obituary of Mrs. Caroline R. Pearson; Sharpsburg’s Leading Citizens in 1888; Campbell Co. Misc. Newspaper Extracts; Moses Family; General Index to Estates, cont., Houston – Jackson

Volume 12, Issue 2 Winter 1992

Memoirs of Georgia, Family Histories of John D. Jackson, Patrick Carmichael, Fielden F. Hunter; General Index to Estates, cont., Jackson-Jones; Thomas Marion Sewell Bible Records b. 1843; Jeptha Davis Family Bible Records b. 1881; T. W. Dickson Family Bible Record b. 1853 GA, d. TX; Soldiers in Grey from Old Campbell Co.; Obituary of Laura Rogers Cole, d. 1902 in Indian Territory, wife of Preslie Cole of Coweta Co.; Obituary of Mrs. Neal Moses; Newspaper Photo of Mr. Z. Williamson b. 1823 and wife Frances Rasco Williamson; Balaam Thomas Family of NC, GA, TX.

Volume 12, Issue 3 Spring 1993

Obituary of Mrs. Barbara Sharp Banta d. 1907; Justice Elections of 1894; Families of Old Campbell Co., Abercrombie, Darnell, Eldson, Kiser, Wood; Intermarriages of Carmichael, Hunter, Young and Thompson Families; Descendants of John Payne, Sr.; General Index to Estates, cont., Lattimer-Miller; Charles Artemus Eargle (b. c1822) SC, GA, TX; Joseph Endsley (1799) SC, GA, TX

Volume 13, Issue 1 Fall 1993

Coweta Co. Estate Distribution; Nathaniel Smith Dec 25, 1844, James Arnold Jan 1854, Jacob L. Abrams Dec 1854, Wm B. Park Dec 1825, Wm Nimmons Jan 1856, Robert Russell Nov 1854; Campbell Co. Inferior Court Minutes 1829/1830; 1887 Reunion of the 30th GA Regiment; 7th GA Regiment Official Report of the Survivors Association; General Index to Estates, cont., Miller – Patman; Surname Registry “A” & “B”.

Volume 13, Issue 2 Winter 1993

Families in Old Campbell Co., GA in Early to Mid 1800s: Arnold, Bachelor, Clinton, English, Miles; Pedigree Chart of Jenny Word; Family Bible Records of Eley Miles Davis and Malissa Ann Francis Pitts Davis; Will of Bird Parks; Surname Registry, cont., “C” & “D”; 1888 Deaths from Newspaper – Not listed in Cemetery Book

Volume 13, Issue 3 Spring 1993

Allan Blair Family, Stephen Winkler Family; Death of Judge W. W. Sasser 1902; 1886/1887 Deaths Not Listed in Cemetery Book; Obits of Milton C. Gentry 1931, Eliza Plunkett Hughen 1894, Frances Hunter 1899, Dr. Jacob Starr 1899, Wm. B. Dent 1899; Misc. Newnan Herald Abstracts relating to the Millians Family; Families of Old Campbell Co, 1800’s cont; Cannaday, Cook, Head, Henderson; Coweta Co. Estate Distributions, cont.; Elis Moncrief Dec 1855, Joseph Bohannon 186_, Richard L. Penn Jan 1855, Richard Cole Dec 1856; General Index to Estates, cont., Parks – Rainey; Surname Registry, cont., “E” & “F.

Volume 13, Issue 4 Summer 1994

Family Bible Records of Pleasant Crenshaw; Family of Stephen Gardner McCray and Mary Hawk McCray; Family Tree of Allison Johnson; Coweta News Abstracted from the Macon Telegraph: 1833 Death of Mrs. Ann Keller, 1839 Marriage of M. C. Summerlin to Miss Sarah Beedles; Obit of Sarah Rollins Gillenwater 1994; Families of Old Campbell Co., cont.: Peter J. Abbott, James Cash, Abner Griffin, Moses Hartfield, Ezekiel Jackson, John Little; General Index to Estates, cont. Rains – Scoggins; Coweta Co.. Estate Distributions, cont.: Eli S. Moncrief Dec 1855, Joseph Bohannon

186_, 1865, 1867, Richard Penn 1855; Surname Registry, cont., “G” Index to Volume 13.

Volume 14, Issue 1 Fall 1994

The Puzzled Dutchman Poem; Family Bible of Will J. Young; James Byram Heirs-at-law and Misc. Info; Spelling Differences of Names in Coweta Records; Coweta Co. Estate Distributions Records: Daniel McIver Now 1857, Wm. H. Stokes Dec 1857, James Garrison Jan 1859, Phillip Orr Nov 1858, Elias Farriba Now 1858; The Huggins Family

Misc. Info on Families of James an Asa Huggings; The Walthall Reunion of 1916; General Index to Estates, cont., Shaw – Smith; Muster Roll of Newnan Artillery 12th GA Battalion; John Marshall Miles Info and Photo; Residents of Confederate Soldier’s Home of Georgia that were Born in Campbell Co., GA.

Volume 14, Issue 2 Winter 1994

Looking Back- Misc. Newspaper Abstracts; Alfred Lazenby Family Bible Records; Some Cowetians Who Failed to Return from WW1 [Pictures of H. E. Gentry, C. J. Hardaway, A. H. Harris, M. S. Harris, L. A. Haynie, J. W. Lambert, C. S. Leach, T. C. Lee, J. F. McKee, W. A. Pitman, J. A. Alfred, A. M. Swygert; Family of John William Pitts & Georgia Ann Jacobs Pitts; Coweta Co. Distributions, cont.; Fire Department’s Fourth Anniversary, April 8, 1897; “Remembrance” of Mary Waldrop Bexley who died Nov 1912; Golden Wedding Anniversary of C. C. Pucketts Sept 1933; General Index to Estates, cont. Smith; John Bryant Family; Coweta Co. Overseers in 1897; From Coweta to Campbell 1827 – 1830, Names Found in Records of Both Counties; Queries; Cowetians in Arkansas.

Volume 14, Issue 3 Spring 1995

Looking Back- Misc. Newspaper Abstracts; History of Mount Lebanon Baptist Church [of Sharpsburg]; Kersey and Farrell Family Bible Records; Info and Photo of Rufus Hardy and Lucy Mariah Bailey Hardy; Misc. Newspaper Abstracts from July 5, 1912 from Newnan Semi-Weekly News; Georgia Confederate Pensions, Supplement 11 [Coweta Co. only]; Coweta’s Confederate Pension List of 1898 from The Herald and Advertiser Jan. 7, 1898; General Index to Estates, Cont., Smith – Stokes; “In Memoriam” to Robert Lee Pitts, Sr. Nov 1937; Queries; Reunion of Young Family August 1909; Coweta Co. Road Overseers in 1897, cont.; Coweta Co. Estate distributions, cont.: Elizabeth Laseter Dec 1862, Levi Bowers April 1864, Wm. Nimmons Feb 1865, Thomas Parks Feb 1868, T. M. Lassetter Nov 1867; The Campbell News, Misc. Newspaper Abstracts from 1898, 1899, 1900.

Volume 14, Issue 4 Summer 1995

General Index to Estates, cont., Stokes – Storey; Malaysia Culpepper – Rev. Soldier {Or Was He?]; Camp Bailey of Forebrain; Campbell Co. Men Who Trained at Camp Bailey in 1861; Queries; Index to Volume 14.

Volume 15, Issue 1 Fall 1995

Sprawling Pedigree Chart [includes Aviary, Collaborate, Ware]; Children of Phillips Ware and Mary (Polly) Strickland; Newspaper Abstracts from Aug 5, 1887 for Grantville and Panther Creek; Newspaper Abstract Jan 31, 1902 – Coweta’s Pensioners; Family Records from the Bible of Rev. C. W. Carter; Georgia Co. Census Population Numbers from 1890; Obits from 1890 Newspapers: Mrs. Lizzie Leigh Allen, Mrs. Melissa Heath, Mrs. Amend Morgan; “Memoirs of Georgia (Pub. 1895) Info on D. H. Brown, Joel J. Herndon, Patrick Carmichael and W. W. Carmichael; General Index to Estates, cont., Storey – Tench; James Thomas and Georgia Lizzie Camp Winkles; Electric Lights in Newnan (1890); Queries; Coweta’s Militia Districts; Coweta’s Boundary Changes; Campbell Co. Obituaries from Some Campbell Co. Newspapers.

Volume 15, Issue 2 Winter 1995

1866 Tribute of Respect to the Heroic Dead of the “Newnan Guards”. “Memoirs of Georgia” Info on A. C. Russell and W. E. E. Martin; Picture of Some Coweta Men Before Going into the Spanish American War with Capt. Powell; July 15 and Sept 9, 1889 Newspaper List of Volunteers for the Spanish American War; Powell Family Info; The Norman McRae Family Bible; General Index to Estates, cont., Twirl – Vaughn; 1865 Newspaper Abstracts; Coweta’s Confederate Widows in 1894; Queries; Campbell Co. Early Inferior Court Records (1833-34).

Volume 15, Issue 3 Spring 1996

Aquilla Hardy Family Bible; Death Notice of Amend Boy Sept 26, 1890; Obits: of Member Betty Overly Dec 17, 1995, Homer Thompson Lewis in 1940, Mrs. Hattie Crouch in 1921, Mrs. Emily Gaston in 1921; Abstracts from The Newnan Herald 1865; 1927 Gathering of Descendants of Old Settlers with names of Attendees and Their Ancestors; Death Notice of Mr. C. B. Brown 1914; “Memoirs of Georgia” Info on William T. Arnall and William S. Barnett of Coweta Co.; General Index of Estates, cont., Vineyard – Weaver, Queries; Campbell Co Newspapers, Misc. 1901.

Volume 15, Issue 4 Summer 1996

“Memories of Georgia” Info on Felden F. Hunter, R. L. Y. Long, and Robert Perkins of Coweta Co; Family Bible Records of George W. Smith b 1809; Death Notices of Mrs. J. B. Simms (Lou Hanson Simms) 1913, Mrs. Fannie Simms Arnold 1919, Capt. John D. Simms 1921, J. H. “Shack” Simms 1940, Mrs. Arabella Mosely Palmer 1921; “Letters to Lizzie”, Letters Written by Jared E. Stalling to his Wife Lizzie during the Civil War; Queries; Family Sheets of Thomas Dyer b. c1802 SC and Thomas Dyer, Sr. b. c1777 VA; Some Confederate Soldiers Buried in Campbell Co.; A Prayer for Genealogists; Index to Volume 15.

Volume 16, Issue 1 Fall 1996

Misc. Newspaper Abstracts; New Members; Correction to Info in Smith Bible Records in Volume 15 Issue 4; Pedigree Chart of Helen Smith thru Isaac Smith; Coweta Co. Estate Distributions: Andrew Dominick; Ledger of Alston Bailey, JP, Covering Terms 1858, 1859, 1860, and 1861;The Difference Between Idiot and Lunatic; Letters Remaining in Post Office Oct 26, 1888 and May 23, 1890; Queries; Family Sheet of James Waltom b. c1745 NC; Anderson Family Cemetery; Letters to Lizzie (Stallings), cont.; Stallings Pedigree chart; Family Bible Records of Glenn Owen Bailey; Family of William Walter Beavers b. 1755 and Alsey Beavers b. 1783 NC; Campbell Co. Superior Court Minutes 1856, 1857, 1858; Grandma Receet for Washing Clothes.

Volume 16, Issue 2 Winter 1996

Coweta Co. Estate Distributions, cont.: Park Arnold 1869, M. B. Clarke 1873, William Nimmons 1873, Julia Ware 1874, John P. Atkinson 1874, Alfred Cranford 1874, O. T. M. Nimmons 1876; Mrs. Dora Argroves Glazier Honored on Her 82nd Birthday; Wilson Family Reunion 1939; General Index to Estates, concluded, Weaver – Young; Use of Militia Districts in Research; Persons – Bussey Family Bible Records; Wedding of Walter B. Ector and Miss Carrie Taylor 1888; Old Campbell Superior Court Minutes, 1858, 1859, 1860; queries; Misc. 1888 Newspaper Abstracts; Pedigree Chart of George Rogers.

Volume 16, Issue 3 Spring 1997

Obits of Dr. J. Starr 1899 and Mrs. Ellen Wheeler; Distribution of Estates, Book 1, conclusion: G. A. Sims, T. D. Mercier, Mrs. Frances Hill, Silas M. Pennington, Martha E. Elder, Benjamin Gray, G. E. Smith, Armstead B. Hill, J. W. B. Melson, Robert O. Moreland, W. W. Dickson, W. P. Arnold, Jno. E. Robinson; Index to Distribution of Estates Book Two; Family Bible Records of John Thomas Fuller (b. 1853) Family; William Jasper McRae (b. 1847) Family; Obit of Mrs. Sarah Stamps Brown; Storey and Mcllwain Families; Marriage Notice of Mr. S. I. Hill and Mrs. Ida Grace in 1890; Family Sheet of John N. Moore (b. 1800) and Eliz. Luker (b. 1809); Misc. Newspaper Abstracts; Death of Infant Son of Stephen D. and Martha A. Smith 1857; Memoriam for Mary Owen Buchannan Jan 1915; Queries; Campbell Co. Superior Court Jurors Aug 1860, 1861, 1862; Some Towns of Georgia in 1888.

Volume 16, Issue 4 Summer 1997

Towns of Georgia in 1888, cont.; Queries; Old Campbell Co. 1830 Census; Wedding of Mr. D. Dewitt Tibbs and Miss Emma Strickland 1866; Family Sheet of Thomas B. Jones b. 1806 and Celia S. Velvin b. 1809; May 1890 Newspaper Abstracts for Senoia; Index for Volume 16.

Volume 17, Issue 1 Fall 1997

Info on W. B. Berry; Info on Judge John David Humphries; Grand Jury Presentments of Sept 1873; Queries; Obit of Mrs. A. H. Snead 1922; Newspaper Abstracts from Jan 1897; Death of Mr. A. H. Arnold; Death of W. T. Freeman 1914; Family Bible Records of Wesley W. Pearson b. 1839; Letters to Lizzie, cont. (Civil War Letters from Jared E. Stallings to Wife Lizzie); Family Sheet of Jared E. Stallings b. 1831; Towns of GA in 1888, cont.; Campbell Co. Info: Marriages 1829 – 1830, Pensioners Listed in 1840 Census, Salve Owners in 1840 Census, 1873 Council, 1873 Grand Jury.

Volume 17, Issue 2 Winter 1997

Letters to Lizzie, cont.; Storey Family Correction; 1873 Newspaper Abstracts; Ancestors of Addie Mae Gordon; Deaths of Z. T. Estep 1937, John W. Caldwell 1938; Docket Book “D” 1881; 1897 Newspaper cont., Descendants of: Wm. Odom, Sr., J. R. Harrison; Family Sheet of John McClure; Pedigree of Opal Berry; Pedigree of Cheryl Freeman; Campbell Co. 1913 Births and Deaths; Queries.

Volume 17, Issue 3 Spring 1998

Letters to Melissa, Civil War Letters from James Stallings to Wife Melissa; Family Bible Records of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wilson; 1874 Newspaper Abstracts; Family Sheet of Malachi Stallings; Docket Book “D”, cont.; 1897 Newspaper Abstracts; Queries; Campbell Co. Births, Deaths, & Marriages in 1913, cont.

Volume 17, Issue 4 Summer 1998

Coweta-Her Towns, 1873; 1874 Newspaper Abstracts; Docket Book “D”, cont.; Descendants of Wm. Henry Berry; Wm. McCombs Family; Rogers Pedigree Chart; Kee Pedigree Chart; James Brook Family Sheet; R. U. Upshaw Family Sheet; Queries; Campbell Co. Criminal Court Docket 1839-1852; Index Volume 17.

Volume 18, Issue 1 Fall 1998

Coweta Members of the Royal Arcanum (Insurance); Berry & Culpepper Family History; Some Methodist Ministers of North Georgia Conference Who Died in Coweta Co.; Major W. A. Turner Info; Gresham, Marshall, Fuller, Murray, Beck Family Info; Queries; Leander Banks Obit; Campbell Co. Misc. Info; Docket Book “D”, cont.; Hiram Mobley Family Sheet.

Volume 18, Issue 2 Winter 1998

Gresham, Marshall, Fuller, Murray, Beck Family Info, cont.; Civil War Letter to Fannie Sims from W. F. Sims; Henry Brook Family Sheets; Solomon L. Strickland Info; Coweta Members of Royal Arcanum, cont.; Hogan, Pullin, Word Families; Bethel School Students, 1923-24; Campbell Co. Deaths and Marriages 1905; Queries.

Volume 18, Issue 3 Spring 1999

Coweta Members of the Royal Arcanum, cont.; Resolution of death of W. J. Smith; Bridges-Huen Wedding; Pitts-Winkles Families; Family of Thomas G. King; Shoemaker Family Bible records; Ware-Middlebrooks 1859 Deed; Colley Family; Carmical Golden Anniversary in 1889; Campbell Co. Confederate Monument; CSA Infantry from Campbell Co.; abstracts from Jan 6, 1899 Hearld and Advertiser; Queries.

Volume 18, Issue 4 Summer 1999

Pinson Pedigree Chart; Spanish American Soldiers; Letters at Newnan Post Office July 1833; Mildred Ann Hughen’s Ancestors; CSA Infantry from Campbell Co. cont.; Docket Book “D” 1881-1888 cont.; Thomas Morgan King Family; Towns in GA in 1888 cont.; Index, Volume 18 Issues 1-4.

Volume 19, Issue 1 Fall 1999

Thomas E. Zellars Memorial Day Celebration, June 12, 1999; Heirs of Zachariah Phillips, Sr.; Ancestors of Minnie Marie Henry; Journal of Thomas Jefferson Marshall; Ancestors of Basil Lamar Smith; CSA Infantry from Campbell Co., cont; Loyd Millians Death; Fannie Gordon Passes; Queries.

Volume 19, Issue 2 Winter 1999

Cook Family/Bible records; Pension Amounts for Maimed/Infirmed CSA Soldiers; Ancestors of Basil Lamar Smith; Revolutionary War Vets in 1827 Coweta Co. Land Lottery; CSA Vets/Widows Pensions in Campbell Co.; Old Newnan Fire Dept. Pictures; Queries.

Volume 19, Issue 3 Spring 2000

1915 Coweta Co. Board of Education; Little Known Wars; 1915 Community News Newnan Herald abstracts; The Georgia Banner abstracts from June 18, 1852; Campbell Co. Marriages & Death Notices Jan-Mar 1913; Queries

Volume 19, Issue 4 Summer 2000

Book Reviews; History of Pittsville, MA/Greene Co, GA Wills/Greene Co. GA Land Records/Henry Co. GA Land Records/; Zellars Family; Ancestors of Aubrey Everett Morrow; Ancestors of Mary Ethel Ball; Descendants of James Henry Parden; Lawful Marriage discussion; Towns in GA in 1888, cont.; Judge William L. Stallings Obit. 1945; Some Campbell Co. Pioneers, Queries.

Volume 2, Issue 1 Fall 1982

Liberty Christian Church; Henry L. Hyde Family; Confederate Widows Receiving Pensions 1893/95; Gurley and Barwick Families’ Bible Records; Cowetians 74 or more years old in 1880; Daniel and Anna Meadows Obituaries; Abstract of Will Book “A:” Coweta County.

Volume 2, Issue 2 Winter 1982

William Jefferson Wood; Unclaimed Letters Newnan P.O. 1866; Longstreet Institute 1848/50; Coweta Poor School Students 1853; Neely/Whitten Bible Records; Elizabeth Adams Johnson Obituary; 1870 Coweta Census Partial; 1900 Christmas Bonus List R.D. Cole employees.

Volume 2, Issue 3 Spring 1983

(Commemorative Edition, Georgia’s Semiquincentenary Celebration–75 pages)

First Georgia Land Grantees; Puritan Descendants in Georgia; Coweta Surnames in Early Wilkes Co., GA area; Some Georgians in Battle of Kettle Creek 1779; Early Coweta County 1827 Land Lottery; Coweta 1830 Census; Male Citizens Senoia Area 1865-90; Coweta Countians in Creek Indian War 1836; New Hope Baptist Church Membership 1830/74; Students Newnan Academy 1850; Some Coweta Confederate Veterans Receiving Southern Cross of Honor; 1879 Coweta Census Partial; Andrew Caldwell Russell, Some Biographical Info.

Volume 2, Issue 4 Summer 1983

Letters of Guardianship Book “A” 1856/79; Bible Records Holeman/Anderson and Alexander Crowder; “Uncle Bill” Gentry Obituary; 1870 Coweta Census Partial; Herman David Petition for Citizenship.

Volume 20, Number 1 Fall 2000

Jas. P. Askew Obit 1893; North-Brown Wedding; Coweta Co. Church Histories White Oak Grove & Ebenezer, 1925; W. C. Huggen’s Narrative of Confederate Experiences; Some Campbell Co. Pioneers, cont.; John Pharris Cruce and his Ancestry; Baccus/Backus Family; Queries; Index Volume 19 Issues 1-4.

Volume 20, Number 2 Winter 2000

Clara Belle Cagle Ganues articles; Caldwell Ancestors; Ora Lee Jenkins Ancestors; Banks Memories, Obituaries, & Genealogies; 1889 County Election; Coweta Co. Constables; W. C. Hughen’s Confederate Experiences, cont.; Mary Caroline Meeks Obit; Otis Florence Nixon, Sr. Ancestors; Ancestors of Dollie Bob Hardy; Wester-McCain Ancestors; Daniel Wester Family; Some Campbell Co. Pioneers, cont.; Queries.

Volume 20, Number 3 Spring 2001

Telephone Pay Stations 1903; Ball Family; George Mathews & the Broad River Virginians; Order of the Red Men; Some Campbell Co. Pioneers, cont.; Beall, O’Kelley & Mercier Families; McCain & Garrison Families; Some Coweta Co. Baptist Churches; Frank G. Hughes, C. T. Brown & George Thomas Brown Obits;

Ancestors of Olin Wilton Wofford; Ancestors of Shela Delain Rainwater; Gill Information; Queries.

Volume 20, Number 4 Summer 2001

Hart-Ragsdale Ancestors; Carter Family of Coweta; Unmarked graves at Elim Church Cemetery; Some Campbell Co. Pioneers, cont; Profile of Dr. James Christopher Mathews; Queries; Index Volume 20 Numbers 1-4.

Volume 21, Number 1 Fall 2001

Joshua Screws & Delilah Jane Gay Family; Francis Marion Screws & Mary Ann Ashley Family; Will of Philip Mathews; Some Campbell Co. Pioneers, cont.; Gurley Confederates of Coweta Co.; John Ira Byrd Family; Scroggins Family; Another Endsley Descendant: Elizabeth J. Endsley Cochran; Benton Family Cemetery 1977 Newnan Times-Herald Article; Obits from local newspaper not in Cemetery Book: Atchinson, Monaghan, Chaffin, Robinson, Cook, Andrews, Dyer, Ward, Smith, Sewell, Weir, Davis, Brock, Higgins.

Volume 21, Number 2 Winter 2001

Gilbert Gay & Sarah Stamps & allied families; Revolutionary War Widows article from THE HERALD AND ADVERTISER, 1891; Some Campbell Co Pioneers, cont.; Julie Ann Crawford Ancestors; Stogner-Robinson Family; Samuel Ward Wood Obit, 1938; Archibald McCrea Bible; County News Items April 30, 1909; Obits from local newspaper not in Cemetery Book: Farmer, Love, Belcher, Watts, Bridges, Bryant, Stokes, Atchinson, Crawford; Hornsby-Smith Family; Queries.

Volume 21, Number 3 Spring 2002

Descendants of Samuel Neill; Patrick & Mary Carmical Golden Wedding March 28, 1889; Obits from local newspaper not in Cemetery Book; Some Campbell Co. Pioneers, cont.; 1880 Coweta Mortality Schedule; Spier Family Bible records; Queries.

Volume 21, Number 4 Summer 2002

Some Campbell Co. Pioneers, cont.; Descendants of Samuel Neill, cont.; Obits from local newspaper not in Cemetery Book: Monaghan, Meehan; Wilkinson, Smith, Upshaw, Brimer, Bowen, DeYancy, Yeager, Newton; Ancestors of Joe Alton Thomas; Index Volume 21 Numbers 1-4

Volume 22, Number 1 Fall 2003

Capt. Gilbert Dunlap Greer & Sarah Ann (Lewis) Greer Griswold Family; Turin Methodist Church History; Coweta Co. 1851 Tax Digest, First District; Some Campbell Co. Pioneers, cont.; Fite-Conyers Family; Moses Gresham Herring Timeline; Kilgore-Lindsay Family; Queries.

Volume 22, Number 2 Winter 2003

Coweta Co. 1851 Tax Index, first District, cont.; Death of Capt. John T. Kirby; Grantville News Jan 19, 1923; George Jerry Rogers Pedigree chart; Postings to Guest Book of CCGS Home Page year to date 2002, Fannie AcAlpine Obit; Some Campbell Co Pioneers, cont.; Our veterans; Queries; CCGS Membership List.

Volume 22, Number 3 Spring 2003

Corrections to CCGS Membership List; Coweta Co. 1851 Tax Digest, Second District, cont.; Coweta’s Centennial Celebration 1927; Destruction of Courthouses in GA; Ancestors of Jacqueline Cook Lambert; ancestors of Elizabeth Ann Gore; Linda James Heath ancestor chart; Some Campbell Co. Pioneers, cont.; Benjamin Thomas Simms Obit Dec 24, 1888, Obits: Coggin, Huffmaster, Keheley, Brewster; Queries.

Volume 22, Number 4 Summer 2003

Home News Feb 4, 1898 Herald Advertiser; John B. Shoemaker Family Notes; 1861 Coweta Guards & 1891 Newnan Guards; James R. Watkins Family; Indian War Pensions in 1890 Coweta Co.; Coweta Co. 1851 Tax Digest, Second District, cont.; Gibson-Sewell Wedding 1890; Mary North Obit; Concord Methodist Church & Redwine Family info; Capt. W. B. W. Dent & the Heard Co. Volunteers in 1826 Indian War; Granville items from April 20, 1923 Newnan Herald; Joe Copeland Obit; Index Volume 22, Numbers 1-4

Volume 3, Issue 1 Fall 1983

Bethlehem Baptist Church; Superior Court Grand Jurors 1827-60; Surname Registry; 1870 Coweta Census Partial; Sam Dennis.

Volume 3, Issue 2 Winter 1983

Surname Registry; Abstract Will Book “B” Coweta; 1870 Coweta Census Partial; Christmas Past.

Volume 3, Issue 3 Spring 1984

Conclusion Will Book “B”; 1870 Coweta Census partial; Dr. Andrew B. Calhoun; Weight an Measures

Volume 3, Issue 4 Summer 1984

Berry Johnson McDowell/Anna Elizabeth Vaughn Family; Pony Schedule Books A & B 1874-95 (Forerunner of Homestead Exemption); Surname Registry; Cook Family Bible Records; Registered Vendors of Medicine, Drugs, Etc. 1912; Letters in Newnan P.O. 1835/36.

Volume 4 Issue 3 Spring 1985

Mt. Olive Church; Coweta-Born Confederate Soldiers Buried in Randolph Co., AL; Will Book “C” 1885-1910.

Volume 4 Issue 4 Summer 1985

Will Book “C” cont [concluded in Volume 7, Issue 4]

Volume 4, Issue 1 Fall 1984

Thomas J. Jones, M.D. 1897 Patient List; Primitive Baptist Churches – Mount Pearon 1848-63, Shoal Creek 1853-54, Cedar Creek 1850-92, 1876-63, Mount Gilead 1975-82; Laura Stephens Bible Records; Letters in P. O. July 29, 1887; R. W. Widow Statement – Elizabeth Spivey.

Volume 4, Issue 2 Winter 1984

Primitive Baptist Churches cont; Elim High School Students 1895, Surname Registry; Extant Montgomery, N.C. Deeds with Coweta Connections.

Volume 5, Issue 1 Fall 1985

Trip to Newnan, GA 1887 by James Pickney Henrix of Nevada Co., AR; Coweta Militia Districts; Deed Book “C”

Volume 5, Issue 2 Winter 1985

Deed Book “C” cont; Hiram Warner Camp Bible Records; Indian War Pensioners.

Volume 5, Issue 3 Spring 1986

Deed Book “C” concluded; Sara E. Cruse Bible Records

Volume 5, Issue 4 Summer 1986

Administrators & Guardian Bonds 1830-37; Some 1878 Newnan Herald abstracts; James Bailey Stewart Bible Record

Volume 6, Issue 1 Fall 1986

Macedonia Baptist Church Records; Land Deed-John Kidd; Astin-Stamps Bible Record; County News – Dodson & Midway Communities; Muster Roll Co G 53rd Regt – Coweta Georgia Rebels; Jonathan Davis

Volume 6, Issue 2 Winter 1986

Macedonia Baptist Church Records cont; William B. McGuirt Pension Record; Bible Records of Barnett-Brown, Eli B. Davison, Joseph M. Davison; Pony Schedule Book “C”; Obituaries: Evelyn Astin Williams, Ben Glass, Samuel Astin, Mrs. C. I. (Dora) Stamps.

Volume 6, Issue 3 Spring 1987

Macedonia Baptist Church Records concluded; Obituary; Mrs. John W. Franck; Civil War Letters of William Thurmond Family.

Volume 6, Issue 4 Summer 1987

Bible Records’ Chadwick-Piersons/Storey-Story; Sewell Family Cemetery Franklin Co., GA; Index Volume 6.

Volume 7, Issue 1 Fall 1987

Coweta Connections in Sumter Co., GA & Pike Co., AL; Mrs. Jessie Howell’s Heirs at Law; Wortham Family Notes; Richard Holman Family; Mt. Zion/Moreland Methodist Church Records; Bible Records Johns-Banks Family; Coweta Volunteers in Cherokee Removal; Coweta Educators 1909; City-County officials 1909; Bryant & Martha Bullard Collins Family; Abstracts Newnan Herald 1887; Letters in P.O. 1841; Storey-Story Info.

Volume 7, Issue 2 Winter 1987

Tracking Slave Ancestors by R. C. Barksdale-Hall; Summerlin Letter; Wortham/Martin Family Notes; Court Docket 1844-1860.

Volume 7, Issue 3 Spring 1988

Abstracts from Newnan Herald 1887; Martin Family Bible Records; Dorothy Hurd’s Ancestors; Constables Elected; 1890 Census – research; Family Notes: The Grube Family, Alexander Walden; 1844-1860 Court Docket; Abstracts from Herald and Advertiser: Susan Summer Obit, Letters Remaining in post Office 1890, Hayes Family Reunion; Phillips/Cole Information; Monroe W. Cole in Indian Wars; Nancy J. Cole’s pension; Preslie B. Cole from Indian Territory.

Volume 7, Issue 4 Summer 1988

Cavendar Obituaries; James Ward’s Ancestors; John Cowart of Jefferson Co., GA; Mrs. Electra Hughie Obituary; Newnan High School Students 1917-18; Major Cheedle Cochrane, “Where was His Land?”; Sister Sarah Carnes Death Notice; Oak Hill Cemetery; Research – “Some Definitions”; Herald and Advertiser “Take Care Girls”; Index to Volume 7.

Volume 8, Issue 1 Fall 1988

Editor Note; Coweta’s Fading Facts: M. H. Holman, Mrs. E. Marvin Culpepper; Research Center Announcement; Will Book “C” cont. 1885-1911; Coral Moses Hand Bible Record; Heirs-at-law Alexander W. Bingham; Cross of Honor Recipients (Confederate Veterans); Shirley Pitts Steinbeck’s Ancestors; J. W. McSwain; Wesley Cole of Coffee & Ware Counties; John Gorham, Wade S. Dent, Jared E. Stallings; Born in Georgia – Living in Missouri; Research Center Activities; Obituaries: Thomas Bartley Beavers , Mrs. Sam J. Arnold, Mrs. Mary A. Heard, Mrs. H. L. Jones; Obituaries from other Georgia Areas.

Volume 8, Issue 2 Winter 1988

In Memory of Jennie Sue Martin Young & Mullis Gordon Murphy; Editor Note; City of Newnan 1873 Registered Voters; Cheedle Cochrane – We Found You; The Hurricane; Obituaries: Mrs. Millie A. Smith & Harrison Merrill; Western Baptist Assoc. 4th Dist. Meeting 1887; County Sunday School 1897 Convention; Mrs. Sarah Death, James Bible Record; J.T. Kirby & Co.; The Daniells; Will of Obediah Wingo, Spartanburg Dist, SC; Will Book “C:” cont. 1885-1911; Hardy T. Duke; Letters in Post Office; An 1888 Interview with Mark Morgan; Research Center News; Olden Times in Columbus – Gleanings from 1839.

Volume 8, Issue 3 Spring 1989

Doctor F. Crooke Bible Records; Will Book “C” 1865-1914 cont.; Research – Oath of Amnesty; Some Union Soldiers buried in Newnan; Longevity – Mrs. Nellie Sweatman; Parks-Moore/Early-Moore Marriages; Obediah Wingo’s Will – an update; Travis-Overby Marriage; Consent and Marriage Bon: George Dunn & Nancy Ann Edwards of Harrison Co., KY; Research Center Information; Weaver/Patman Families; Elder James Davis Obituary; Tilgham R. Vestol; Ingles/Brewster Marriage; A Massachusetts Project – Tracing Descendants; Death of A Centenarian: James Knight, Macon, GA; Editor Note – Tornadoes in Coweta County.

Volume 8, Issue 4 Summer 1989

Coweta Courthouse; Carmichael Family; Sam W. Wood – Last Confederate Veteran; in Memory of Wilma S. Counts, Confederate Veterans Receiving Cross of Honor; Death of G. W. Cook; Will Book “C” cont; Index to Volume 8.

Volume 9, Issue 1 Fall 1989

Will Book “C” cont.; Legal Advertisement Sept 1865-66; Coweta’s County Fair Committee; Bible Records of Michael H. Deariso; Newnan Natives Gone to Texas; The Perdue Family; The Kelley Family; Story/Storey Families; Walker High School 1890 Students; Death Notice of Frances Eliza Daniel; Pension Recipients; Joseph R. Meriwether’s Estate Sale; Marriages of Johnson/White, Askew/Meriwether, Dr. G. W. Clower; Guardianship of Nicholas O. Stallings, Orphan; Newnan Guards Reunion; Obit of Mary Carmichael Lively; T. T. Mattox; Families Moving to South Georgia; Stevens/Brewster Marriage; in Memory of Elizabeth Rollins, Eliza Phillips 1904; Thyatira Church, Jackson County.

Volume 9, Issue 2 Winter 1989

Notes of Story Family; Will Book “C” cont.; Misc. Family Bibles; Legal Advertisments; Confederates buried in Kentucky; Teal-Mosely Families; Letter to Mrs. Sarah Doss; Mystic No. 36; Oscar Morrow; Marriage of Long-Shelnutt, Ewing-Graham; Stafford-Thurmand Marriage; Cora Gresham’s Wall Hanging.

Volume 9, Issue 3 Spring 1990

Coweta Confederates in 1827; Pioneer Gurleys in Coweta Co., Correspondence from Elgin, TX; Will Book “C” cont.; J.P. Billingsley; The Thurman Family; Home News in 1887; Dorothy B. Heaner Ancestry; Joseph Joiner Estate; Meriwether County Ministers; Obit of Dallis Cole; James Marcus Luckie Weds in Ocala, FL.; Misc. Bible Records; 1867 Legal Notices of Various GA Counties.

Volume 9, Issue 4 Summer 1990

Conclusion of Will Book “C”; Obits from Christian Index 1822-79; History of Prosperity Cemetery, SC; Young, Martin, Ransom Family; 1835-36 Palladium Abstracts; Haines-Estep Family; Baby Show; Sketches of Enoch M. Hooten; Tilliam Taylor Descendants 1937; 1908 Ordinary Notes; Index to Volume 9.

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